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South Bend Parts List Books

These books contain part names and numbers, plus exploded assembly views, and include a lubrication chart, and accessory catalog.   The link for each book will take you to a page showing the catalog numbers of the lathes for which it is intended. Some parts and assemblies are no longer available, and prices are not included.

Catalog # Description
CE3455 9 inch Workshop Lathe Parts Lists
Models A, B, and C
CE3457 10K Lathe Parts Lists
CE3458 10, 13, 14 1/2, 16, and 16/24 Lathe Parts Lists
CE3459 17" Turn-Nado Parts Lists
All Other Lathe Parts Lists
CE3463 14" Lathe Manuals
CE3450 How to Run A Lathe
A general operation manual which originally shipped with each lathe.
CE3475 Machine Shop Projects
Prints and instructions for machine shop students