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CL 8 187 Z B
Type of headstock spindle Designates a toolroom lathe Catalog number Bed length Drive
This does not cover all lathes manufactured, only those after the early 1940's. The catalog number can be used to identify the lathe, but when ordering parts, we always ask for the serial number because many styles and sizes were made over 100 years, and some had special features or accessories.
Headstock Spindle
CB D1 - 4 Camlock
CF D1 - 6 Camlock
CG D1 - 8 Camlock
CL Thread Nose
Bed Length
A 4'
B 5'
C 6'
D 7'
E 8'
G 10'
H 12'
R 4 1/2'
Y 3'
Z 3 1/2'