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13" - 16" LATHES

Below is a list of South Bend lathes still supported with replacement parts and parts list books. The catalog number is a portion of the number located on the index plate on the gear box of the lathe. The code designation is included in the serial number, which is stamped between the flat- and v-ways on the tailstock end of the bed.

Catalog No. Description Code Designation
113 13" QCG, with UMD TKR
8113 13" Toolroom with UMD TKR
183 14 1/2" QCG w/ UMD FKR
8183 14 12" Toolroom w/ UMD FKR
117-E 16" QCG with UMD HKR
8117-E 16" Toolroom with UMD HKR
198 16/24" QCG with UMD HKE