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Walking into the factory that makes these South Bend® lathe chucks, one would be amazed at the plethora of high tech German made CNC machines, Zeiss and Tesa Comparators and other testing equipment made by some of the most respected names in the world.
These South Bend lathe chucks are amongst the best available in the world. Absolute top quality chucks made for high precision work and made with tight tolerances to satisfy the most demanding machinists out there!

3-Jaw Scroll Chucks, Plain Backs High precision 3 jaw scroll chucks with 2 piece jaws and plain backs. The SB1307-SB1312 are scroll chucks and all jaws close together.
SB1307 6", 1.772" Bore, 3-Jaw Chuck
SB1308 7", 2.283" Bore, 3-Jaw Chuck
SB1309 8", 2.283" Bore, 3-Jaw Chuck
SB1310 9", 2.756" Bore, 3-Jaw Chuck
SB1311 10", 3.504" Bore, 3-Jaw Chuck
SB1312 12", 4.134" Bore, 3-Jaw Chuck
3-Jaw Scroll Chucks - Camlock Mount Same high precision 3-Jaw chucks as listed above but with a D1 camlock mount. Supplied with all the hardware for mounting on your lathe.
SB1259 8" 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck D1-4
SB1219 8" 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck D1-5
SB1220 8" 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck D1-6
SB1222 10" 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck D1-6
SB1223 10" 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck D1-8
SB1224 12" 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck D1-8
3-Jaw Adjustable Chuck
High-precision steel-body adjustable scroll chucks. The SB1314 is an adjustable chuck that allows dead true concentricity and repeatability to within 0.0005". An outstanding chuck!
SB1314 6", 1.654" Bore, 3-Jaw Chuck
4-Jaw Independent Chucks, Plain Backs
These 4-Jaw chucks are constructed of fine grain cast iron and sport a super finish. Made to exacting tolerances to hold your work safe and secure. These are plain-back chucks that are drilled for front mounting screws.
SB1211 6" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck
SB1212 8" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck
SB1213 10" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck
SB1214 12" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck
4-Jaw Independent Chucks - Camlock Mount
Constructed of fine grain cast iron and sporting a super finish, these chucks are made to exacting tolerances to hold your work safe and secure. They come supplied with the D1 camlock mounting system and all necessary hardware for mounting to your lathe.
SB1225 8" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck D1-4
SB1226 8" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck D1-5
SB1227 10" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck D1-5
SB1228 10" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck D1-6
SB1229 12" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck D1-6
SB1231 12" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck D1-8
SB1232 14" 4-Jaw Ind. Chuck D1-8
4-Jaw Scroll Chucks, Plain Backs
High precision cast iron 4-Jaw scroll chuck with 2 piece jaws and plain backs. The SB1313 is a scroll chuck and all jaws close together.
SB1313 6", 1.772" Bore, 4-Jaw Chuck
SB1234 7" 4-Jaw Scroll Chuck
SB1235 8" 4-Jaw Scroll Chuck
SB1236 9" 4-Jaw Scroll Chuck