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Made in the true South Bend fashion, these key type drill chucks are produced to close tolerances and are as beautiful as they are functional. Durable fi nish gives years of life to the surfaces on these chucks. Accurate enough for your lathe or mill, but great on the drill press too!

SB1369 1/32" - 3/8" JT2
SB1370 1/32" - 1/2" JT33
SB1371 1/32" - 1/2" JT6
SB1372 1/32" - 5/8" JT3
SB1373 1/32" 3/4" JT4


These keyless chucks are produced to the highest standards which has earned them the South Bend name. Jaws open and close with ultra smooth motion and the cut-knurling lets you get a positive grip.

SB1374 1/32" - 3/8" JT2
SB1375 1/32" - 1/2" JT33
SB1376 1/32" - 5/8" JT6
SB1377 1/32" - 3/4" JT3


These keyless chucks are produced with an integral shank to maximize concentricity between the body, shank and jaws. They start as a one-piece high alloy body which is turned, then ? nish ground throughout, making them as close to zero TIR (Total Indicated Runout) as can be. Same durable ?nish as above. A spanner is provided to ease jaw opening.

SB1378 MT #2 1/2"
SB1379 MT #3 1/2"
SB1380 MT #3 5/8"
SB1381 MT #4 5/8"
SB1382 R-8 1/2"
SB1383 R-8 5/8"